Big Boy Pants

Now that we are getting closer to the construction phase of my project, my schedule is continuing to shift and re-adjust to different to the different deadlines and events that have appeared. However, this small amount of stress is all because of another breakthrough in my project.

At the beginning of the week I was in the midst of writing up a technical document about my unique situation in the v. 2017 warming huts competition at The Forks. This was something I didn’t have much knowledge about, so the task seemed very daunting to me. I proceeded to conduct some research on similar types of documents and conference with Mr. Hansen on how to portray my unique position. Once I had finished writing up the document and sent it away to The Forks, I felt a small weight taken off my shoulders

The people at The Forks must have been very eager to see my work because, the next day I received another email from them, which made me very excited, but also quite nervous. I have been invited to be a part of the warming huts news conference next Tuesday. I was blown away, I’m a 17 year old without any credentials of any kind except for my pursuit of architecture and design. I will be standing with full-fledged architects from around the globe who just won an international competition. Now to some this will definitely seem impressive, but from my current point of view, I feel out of place. When the time comes, I will put on my “big boy” pants and will be the best I can be for the Propel program.

I have also finished framing all of the walls of the warming hut. My next steps are to draft construction blueprints and documents filled with measurements, scales and materials. Once that is complete I will work with Mr. Patrician on an accurate dollar figure of what the warming hut would cost.

Until next week,

Sean Kohli


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