Semi Simulation

My week has been primarily dominated by the successes through my warming hut project, my experience at LRSD’s career symposium, and probably the worst thing, being sick. I found myself at the career symposium through my extra curricular course at Nelson McIntyre, the Imagine Program. Mr. Magnifico who helps run the course also organizes the event and was in need of student volunteers. I ended up volunteering at the semi truck simulator with some of my friends.

Once we got to the event, everyone was in a hectic rush to get ready before the doors opened. I found myself unable to find where exactly I was supposed to help. Eventually I found where I was going, which turned out to be the big semi truck that I passed on my way into the building… The people running the booth explained to me that their problem was their location, being out in the parking lot away from the action really killed their exposure. Upon hearing this my friends that I was volunteering with devised a strategy to bring more people to the simulator.

We went inside the board office to start gathering interested parties. To achieve this, my friends and I tried to essentially poach people from booths by jumping in and relating it to the semi truck simulator. While using this tactic I found myself looking towards booths that I was personally interested in. I sat down with Christina Legris from Number Ten architectural group. We talked about the different types of architecture, the benefits of studying local or abroad for university, and practicing in different cities. This was the most interesting topic to me because earlier in the semester I attended a panel where the same topic came up and the views were very different from one another. Christina believes if your firm is very diverse that it will be stronger because of all the different backgrounds of the workers. But that notion was also argued by a panel member I heard back in September saying that having a firm of people who all went to the same university will strengthen the style of the city they are practicing in. My opinion is that both views can be very helpful in the office setting and will work towards a stronger firm.

After having a lengthy conversation with Christina, I went back to the semi truck simulator and tried it out. I drove on a rural setting I thought “no big deal highway driving is easy!” Well I wasn’t totally wrong, the worst part was all of the drivers cutting me off and pulling out of driveways, not to mention the driver that ran his car into a tree which fell in my path. Lets just say there might be a couple leaves and twigs stuck in the grill… After all of that I finished the simulator with a good score and an even better experience!

Until next time!

Sean Kohli


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