Budgeting Time

Throughout the week I’ve been working on creating a budget for the creation for my warming hut. I’ve also been working on two other smaller projects this week, Dru, Connor, and I are producing our health project on the topic of “The greatest leader of all time.” The other project is a small project for NMC’s grad committee, we are working towards hosting a dodge ball tournament as a grad fundraiser at the school. So with a couple of my friends from NMC we have organized the necessary elements to make this possible.

To craft my budget, I spent a lot of time in my SketchUp file measuring out all the different lengths of 2x4s for the framing of the warming hut. With all of the windows and one door in the design, the framing for the hut became very complicated and complex. I had to use many headers, and other framing techniques to ensure stability within the walls. I am still working on developing a structurally sound roof frame, but by the end of the week I will be finished that piece and will be ready to add it into the budget.

Our health project is going to be developed into a non-traditional power point presentation, We are going to essentially create an algorithm that will we will use to find the greatest leader of all time, and while we present we will show the propel class exactly how we conducted this algorithm. The class will get to see why some leaders were obviously unfit for the title and why others were close to the mark but, didn’t quite make the cut. I’m excited to see how the presentation turns out, but Dru Connor, and I still have some work to do until then!

Until next time,


Sean Kohli


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