Holiday workathon!

Jingle bells Jingle bells Sean has work to do! Were right at the doorstep of the holiday break and lots of the propellers are feeling some stress about the status of their projects. I myself am feeling some of that pressure and stress but after a week of long and hard work in the shop the feeling has faded to a degree where I’m not staying awake at night thinking how I’m going to complete the build.

Over the break Mr. Patrician and Hansen have encouraged us all to spend at least a day or two working on our project in some way. Besides Christmas celebrations, I believe I will be spending the majority of my time working on my project or applying for university and scholarships. The work that I conduct on my project will be focused towards the production of benches to go inside the warming hut. Like last year, I will build these with my dad. Besides building benches, I will also spend a day with Mr. Patrician at school in the shop working on the beginnings of the roof of the warming hut. Hopefully with that day of work we will be one step ahead of the game and more stress will be relieved!

Moving away from work, over the holidays I hope to wind down a tad and spend time with my family and friends celebrating the Christmas season. Anyways happy holidays and I’ll talk to you in 2017!

Happy New Year!

Sean Kohli


Spinning Out or Gaining Traction

Over the last week the wheels have my project have either been furiously turning, or puttering and spinning out. At the beginning of the week I was ready to clean out an entire shop to build the warming hut in, but after some discussion with Mr. P, we decided to use the shop we already had access to and change the way we build the hut. With this new development we quickly decided how to move forward with construction.

The easiest way to move forward was to complete our shop safety within the next two days. The shop safety we conducted was probably the best I have ever been a part of. It was hands on and conducted in a way that I actually learned about the tools and exactly what to watch out for when using them. Now that myself and Josh are both approved to work in the shop, its time to finally get into construction!

When we started construction on Thursday afternoon, we began to build from the ground up. Which means that our first component to build is the skid that the warming hut will rest upon during its time on the river. Once the skid is built, we are looking at building at least one wall per day. Since construction is admittedly starting later than I would’ve liked, a quick and steady pace is needed to finish the warming hut by the deadline.

Since we are coming up on the holidays and the end of the semester, the time crunch is always getting more and more stressful. But, after finally gaining some solid traction, my project is well on the way to completion!

Until next time,

Sean Kohli

Immuinity Fallout

Once again we are at that point in Propel where the stress is truly adding up and causing others to be on edge about the status of their projects. Even though I’ve had this experience before, I am still feeling the pressure of the completion deadline. As well, being a Gr 12 student at NMC means that I am involved with many other extra curricular and regular programming at the school, adding even more stress to my already tight schedule. Adding together all of these different variables left myself very stressed and leaving my immune system very vulnerable. You can probably guess what happened next…

On Tuesday November 29th I was thrown down by my arch nemesis Strep Throat. It started to appear the day before on Monday, and I took a pre-cautionary Advil to try and make sure I wouldn’t lose any mire time in school. Unfortunately my efforts were deemed worthless. On Tuesday, my tonsils had swelled to the point where I had trouble eating. My mother took me to the clinic so I could get a prescription. Once we had gotten the prescription filled at the pharmacy, I opened the small box and a sheet of 6 pills came out. I was a little skeptical at first, but after the first day of taking these pills, I was born again!

Waking up Wednesday morning, it was like I hadn’t even been sick at all. My tonsils were still slightly swollen but nothing that was making it impossible to eat or breathe. Heading back to school that day I felt very good, I was able to hammer out final details of our material order with Mr. Patrician and send that off to be picked and delivered. Now on Friday the product has been delivered and unloaded into the workshop. Next week Mr. Hansen, Mr. Patrician and myself will be away from school but for unrelated reasons. I’m performing in NMC’s theatre production on Dec. 7, 8, and 9. Which will leave my project at a standstill for a week.

Until next time,

Sean Kohli